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Cottonwood Plantation’s 2023 Deer Season was another successful year!

With us wrapping up our 2023 deer season, we would like to thank everyone who came down and hunted with us this year! This was an amazing year and we could not have done it without the support of our participating hunters.

As all of you are aware, to have an operation like this that keeps producing quality deer year after year…this is a 365 days a year job to make it all happen. It requires countless hours of hard work and financial resources.

We have already started planning and working towards our 2024 deer season, and many hunters have already inquired about available hunting dates. We kindly ask that anyone who is wanting to come hunt with us in 2024 to please go ahead and lock down those dates and submit your deposits for your hunt.  This is important for us because we need to be able to plan our calendar to accommodate everyone who wants to come hunting with us, and the dollars from your deposits help us manage and maintain the properties we have to ensure quality habitat for our deer…and a quality hunting experience when you are here in 2024. We are excited for the 2024 hunting season, and we thank each and everyone of you for your business & support!!!

Visit our website and Facebook page and see the success photos.  Call Shepard to book your 2024 Fall Deer hunt today while dates are still available!  (252) 955-7487

Also book your 2024 Spring Gobbler hunt, and Hog hunt while there are dates still available too!!!


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