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Cottonwood Plantation’s 2016 Deer Season was another successful year!

With the 2016 Deer Season over, Cottonwood Plantation in North Carolina had yet another one of the best deer seasons we have ever had!  We had bucks everywhere & harvested some great deer!!!  Visit our website and Facebook page and see the success photos.  Call Shepard to book your 2017 Deer hunt today while dates are still available!  (252) 955-7487

Also book your 2018 Spring Gobbler hunt, and Hog hunt while there are dates still available too!!!




HUNTING SEASON 2017 @ Cottonwood Plantation is almost here!!!

We are excited and ready for the 2017/2018 hunting season! With the acquisition of new hunting properties,  adding waterfowl hunting to our full-time line up, and implementing an even more intensive quality deer management program to our properties, this upcoming season looks to be very promising! The sunflower fields are looking great, plenty of great bucks on trail cameras, and we have just acquired a new hunting lodge that everyone will enjoy! Be ready for a good time on the hunt! img_5499IMG_1248


What a hunt! Not only did I harvest a mature buck, I gained a few friends along the way. Shepard works year round to ensure an unmatched hunting experience. His knowledge goes beyond that of the most advanced hunters. I was overly impressed with his knowledge of the area and his determination to seek out a mature buck even in the unseasonable high temperatures we had while on our trip. I can wait to go back and make more memories with Shepard and his crew!

- Danny DiGerolamo (Hammonton, NJ)