What a hunt! Not only did I harvest a mature buck, I gained a few friends along the way. Shepard works year round to ensure an unmatched hunting experience. His knowledge goes beyond that of the most advanced hunters. I was overly impressed with his knowledge of the area and his determination to seek out a mature buck even in the unseasonable high temperatures we had while on our trip. I can wait to go back and make more memories with Shepard and his crew!

- Danny DiGerolamo (Hammonton, NJ)

Twin Factor TV would highly recommend Cottonwood Plantation of NC!  Our hunts with Shepard Inscoe are highlighted on our hunting schedule every year because of the experiences we have hunting deer and turkey!  From the lodge, to the hunting, and the great guiding experience we have had with Shepard Inscoe, we are very thankful for the awesome overall hunting experience!

- Chad & James Hampton of Twin Factor TV (Lapeer, MI)

I started hunting with Shepard Inscoe at Cottonwood Plantation of NC 3 years ago.  I have hunted many different places in the country....but no one that I have hunted with works as hard, and has the knowledge that Shepard has!  This is not just a seasonal gig for him...this is a way of life!  This is definitely one of the best kept secrets on the east coast.  I have harvested 3 nice mature bucks, and also 3 spring gobblers with Shepard.  I am looking forward to what the 2015-2016 hunting season has in store for myself and the other hunters going to Cottonwood Plantation of NC!

- Nathan Coffey (Lynchburg, VA)

Hunting with Shepard on his NC properties is a true pleasure.  I've whitetail hunted across the country and he has one of the best managed deer programs I've seen.  His passion for the sport shows through his excellent deer herds and harvests.  You will not be disappointed with your trip.  The stands are abundant and very well laid out, and Shepard's knowledge is second to none.  I highly recommend a trip with Cottonwood Plantation of NC! Chuck Berwick (Banger's Sport Shop in Winslow, NJ) www.BangersSports.com

- Chuck Berwick of Banger’s Sport Shop (Winslow, NJ)

Hey Shepard, just wanted to tell you how fired up I am to come hunt with you twice this year brother.  Just wanted to tell you and your wife what amazing services you offer through Cottonwood Plantation of NC.  I have hunted lots of hunts including Canada, but no one has offered such great services to a hunter that I have ever seen.. But not just that but I still can't believe I saw 26 bucks in 5 days... So yes I am fired up for my son and I to enjoy the amazing hunts you offer.  Thank you so much for all you do brother!

- Chris Thomas Sr. (Ft. Loudon, PA)

The 2015-2016 season will be my 3rd season hunting with Cottonwood Plantation of NC. Over the past seasons I've made great friends and memories. I was fortunate to harvest a few nice deer. Shepard is a great guide and friend who I highly recommend to everyone interested in having a great trip.

- Eddy Robertson (New Field, NJ)

I've been hunting at Cottonwood Plantation of NC for a few years now and every time I go down I feel like I'm at home. The guide service is very professional and accommodating to making your hunt the perfect experience. I highly recommend booking a hunt with Cottonwood Plantation of NC! Big Deer, Cozy Lodge, and Great Southern Hospitality!

- Jackie Stelmach (Franklinville, NJ)

Wow... What else can I say. Turkey Hunting with Shepard from Cottonwood Plantation of NC was a blast. Shepard was very patient and persistent in helping put me on the right bird. After a couple of attempts, my fault spoiling a couple of hunts not being able to be still, one hunt spoiled by a coyote that was hunting the same turkey we were (he wont be spoiling any more hunts) I never knew turkey hunting was this fun.... I'm addicted now and look forward to many more hunts (turkey, ducks, & bucks) with Cottonwood Plantation of NC, myself, & my 11 year old son.

- Jerry Barfield (Rocky Mount, NC)

I have been down to visit Cottonwood Plantation of NC a few times now, and I have been pleased with the accommodations, and the deer are top notch.  I plan on visiting at least twice this fall, and see this becoming a must for years to come.  Thank you Shepard and Cottonwood Plantation of NC!

- John (Sicklerville, NJ)